Rectangular Feature

This could possibly have been linked to the “Fish Tail” feature as described in fig. 4. .At about 40 x 60 metres this is perhaps the most obvious feature shown by LIDAR. A close investigation of this feature showed it to be the remnants of four walls of a simple enclosure. Absence of any post holes indicated that this was an unroofed structure. Possible uses could have been some sort of processing of fish or other foodstuff, or a compound or a temporary corral for animals.

A track appears to lead southwards from this feature and directly to Shidlaw Lane, (7) although part of the track was obliterated by Carham Parsonage (8) which has since been destroyed. This appears to be the line of an ancient drove road, and linked to the river crossing and to a nearby East / West Roman Road added greatly to the importance of Carham.