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The 1018 Battle of Carham saw Northumbrian forces face the combined Scottish forces of two kings, Malcom II, King of Scots and Owen the Bald, King of Strathclyde. The Scottish victory is seen as a pivotal event in the establishment of the Scottish kingdom, it led to the fatal weakening of the Earldom of Northumbria; resulting in Northumbria beings unable to challenge the recent conqueror of England, Cnut. The ultimate result of the Battle was the determined of the eastern border of Scotland at the River Tweed. This pack has been produced in collaboration with The Battlefields Trust.

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Download the classroom activities, documents, illustrations and maps:

  • Specially commissioned Illustrations
  • A Map
  • The build-up to The Battle of Carham
  • The Battle of Carham
  • Documentary tasks
  • Text Source worksheets
  • Picture Source worksheets
  • 5W sheets
  • Carham Equipment
  • Keywords
  • Main Enquiry Questions
  • Why were Malcolm and Eadwulf fighting at Carham - Diamond 9
  • How significant is the Battle of Carham? concept mapping
  • Mystery object
  • Jigsaw activity
  • Carham Battle Tactics
  • Video analysis
  • Meanwhile, Elsewhere
  • Exhibits in a Shoebox
  • Design your own memorial

From Carham to Flodden

Written by Geoffrey Carter, originally as a series of four talks, this PDF charts 500 years of Border conflict from Carham (1018) to Flodden (1513).

Google Classroom Course

We have created a short online course covering the key aspects of the battle of Carham The course comprises videos, documents and maps plus links to further resources. There is no time limit for completion of the course, no homework and no prize at the end but it should prove a useful introduction to the battle and to the overall Carham project.

The course is hosted on Google Classroom. To gain access you will need a Google account. If you have a Gmail account then you already have one. Google accounts can also be created with any email address and details may be found here

Once you have an account you should go to Google Classroom using the button below. At the top right of the screen you will see a large + sign – click this to join the class. You will need to enter a code for the particular class. For the Carham course this is: inqjilg. After entering the code you will be taken to the start of the course.

We hope you enjoy this. If you have any questions please email

Staging the Living History Weekend

Download the Carham 1018 Society event manual, detailing the process followed for hosting the Living History Weekend.

The Carham Documentary

A 30 minute documentery film, 'Carham 1018 - The Start of the Border Story' is now available to view on The Battlefields Trust YouTube channel.

Finding Medieval Carham

A shorter 7 minute documentery film, focusing on archeology at Carham has been produced, and is now available to view on The Battlefields Trust YouTube channel.


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