Welcome to Carham 1018

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Welcome to the new Carham 1018 website.

This website is one of a number of related projects which will tell a full story of 1000 years, first of Border conflict, followed by reconciliation and peace between two once warring nations.

Today the Border is but an administrative boundry presents no barrier to travel, trade, commerce or comradeship.

As research continues more will be added to the website over the coming months.

The Carham 1018 Project

Picture of the Phonebox Visitor Centre

Projects within Carham 1018 include:

  • The Battlefields App for mobile phones and tablets
  • A short film about Carham and the Border
  • A Battlefield Trail Guide covering Border events and places from Carham in 1018 to Flodden in 1513
  • The Carham red telephone box will become a twin to the Flodden micro visitor centre
Picture of the Phonebox Visitor Centre

Interactive Map

Click on the spots on the map below to find out more about the geography of Carham

Lidar & Map of Carham

Information Leaflet

Download an electronic version of the Carham information leaflet which is available in hard copy from Carham Parish Church.

The Carham Documentary

A 30 minute documentery film, 'Carham 1018 - The Start of the Border Story' is now available to view on The Battlefields Trust YouTube channel.

Finding Medieval Carham

A shorter 7 minute documentery film, focusing on archeology at Carham has been produced, and is now available to view on The Battlefields Trust YouTube channel.


Please consider making a donation to Battlefields Trust North East to allow us to continue our work on the Carham 1018 Project.